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Freezer Kiriazi 250 Liters

Freezer Kiriazi 250 Liters

ï    Total capacity in liters 250.

ï    Consists of 6 drawers.

ï    High energy efficiency class (A(

ï    Freezing rate: ****

ï    NO FROST.

ï    Fan Stops on opening the freezer door to keep cooling temperature inside and save energy.

ï    Indicator for each drawer (Information System) to identify contents in each drawer and recommended shelf life.

ï    Energy saving is conserved due to the insulation thickness which is 8:10 cm.

ï    Refrigerator body made of steel anti rust according to the standard specifications.

ï    Tropical hermetic compressor.

ï    Compressor capacity Watt at -23.3Cº ASHRAE = 180.

ï    Power Supply 220V 50 Hz. +/-10%.

ï    Power Consumption 1.83 Kw.hour.

ï    Dimensions:

o       Width: 620 mm.

o       Depth: 670 mm.

o       Height: 1636 mm.