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Filter Tank 5 Stage Ro

Filter Tank 5 Stage Ro


*The first stage cartridge inside made of cellulose fibers 5 microns to remove:  rust, insects, dust, sand and impurities.  

*The 2nd stage cartridge inside is composed of granulated active carbon to absorb the chlorine and its derivatives - color and taste and odour -organic materials and gases, if any.

*The 3rd stage cartridge inside is Carbon-ROM to confirm the work of second & third stages.

*Pump lift capability 110 PSI/ 24 Volt to lift water from filtration to R.O system.          

*The 4th stage (Membrane) is a cellulose fibre accurately 0.0001 micron  working to remove dissolved salts and heavy metals (Membrane 75 gallons/day).

*The unit equipped with tank capacity 14 litres.

*The 5th stage is carbon block to absorb colour, taste, odour and gases, if any.